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erodr is available on iPhone, iPad, and now Android!  It's not on the web, meaning your profile, pictures and posts are never searchable on the internet. Woohoo!  

Who can see my erodr posts? 
Only other erodr users can see your posts. For more privacy,  use your custom post settings (time, range and audience restrictions). You can also post anonymously.

Are Campus Reps or other students EVER able to see who wrote anonymous posts? 
No they cannot.  Anonymous posts are accessible only by authorized erodr personnel. Once anonymous posts erode, they are gone forever. Erodr does not store content. Your privacy is extremely important to us.

How long do my posts stay up? 
You can remove your own post at any time. Otherwise, posts with lots of likes earn more time in the streamer. A post with 0 "likes" will disappear within a few hours. 

What are the benefits of CONNECTING on erodr? 
1) You can easily locate and direct private message Connections.

2) You can mutually share your location w/ Connections 

3) You can filter your streamer for Connections + post to Connections only.

How do I use erodr if I'm OFF CAMPUS? 
Make sure "Include Posts From Campus" is ON in Streamer Settings and Copy to Campus is ON when you post. They should both be on by default. 

How do I @mention somebody? 
Type @ followed by the users full name: @marysmith (Mary Smith). Their first Initial + last name @msmith will work too. The user will get notified when you @mention them in a post.

How do I find my friends on erodr? 
There is no search feature on erodr yet, so the best way for you and your friends to find each other is to post publicly in the streamer. You can also @mention each other. Once you're connected you can always find each other through your Connections screen.

How do I use the map? 
Radar On shares your location with nearby Connections.

Radar Off  hides your location from your Connections. 

Your location and identity are never visible publicly. 

Can I see who liked other people's posts? 
No, you can only see the # of likes a posts has but you can't see who liked other people's posts.

Can I see comments on other people's posts? 
No. Comments are private, between the poster and the commenter only. But you can reply to comments on your posts (your reply is visible to everybody on the thread).

How do I block somebody? 
Click on their profile pic in the streamer. Click the red "Hide" button on their profile. After hiding somebody, their posts will no longer appear in your streamer and your posts will no longer appear in theirs.

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